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Look Trendy and Classy by Wearing Irish Clothing

Posted on December 23 2013

Look Trendy and Classy by Wearing Irish Clothing

From linen driving caps and Aran sweaters to Tweed jackets, Irish clothing exudes style all the way. The people from Ireland are always known to be well dressed and very conscious about their sense of dressing.

The rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front gives a very aristocratic look and when one thinks of Ireland clothing, a linen driving cap is perhaps the first thing that would come to mind. The one wearing this cap usually stands out in any crowd due to its stylish and different look. With these caps being available in varying patterns and colours, they are very trendy to wear. The driving caps, though also popular for their patchwork look, are preferred by many with their sober designs in neutral colours to give them a well known Men Irish clothing classy appearance, wherever needed.

Aran Sweaters are also an integral part of Ireland clothing. It is part of Ireland’s historical culture. It originates from the Aran clan wherein the sweaters had a distinctive stitching pattern for each family. These hand knit sweaters find a place in museums of Ireland with their different patterns recorded and acknowledged. Irish clothing would be incomplete without an Aran Sweater and it is pretty trendy and chic to own one.

Which man doesn’t want a Tweed jacket to adorn his wardrobe? Known for its sporty and carefree look, the Tweed jacket has been any man’s must have. Unlike a suit, this piece of Ireland clothing, is not needed to be worn on matching trousers and hence gives the choice of pairing it with any available bottom. It is now worn by many even on formal occasions but wearing a Tweed jacket gives you the comfort of looking trendy and classy and at the same time not very formal or overdressed. The style is so popular that it has now progressed from being just a man’s jacket and you can see a lot of fashionable women sporting a Tweed Jacket.

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