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  • Top 5 Trendy Irish Jewelry Gifts for brides on her wedding

    16 November 2013

    Many brides get stressed over their choice of gift and accessories for their bridesmaids, because they have no idea about the latest trends and gifts for a wedding. So, Touch of Ireland recommends the choice of top 5 jewelry gift for every bridal party...

  • Top 5 Trendy Irish Jewelry Gifts for brides on her wedding

    29 November 2013

    Are you looking for a special gift for an Irish bride? The Irish jewelry can be one of the precious and enduring gifts for the brides on their wedding day. This jewelry is the symbol of a rich history, which signifies an unbreakable bond between the hearts....

  • Look Trendy and Classy by Wearing Irish Clothing

    23 December 2013

    From linen driving caps and Aran sweaters to Tweed jackets, Irish clothing exudes style all the way. The people from Ireland are always known to be well dressed and very conscious about their sense of dressing. The rounded cap with a small stiff brim...

  • Irish Celtic Wedding Rings: The Best Symbolization of Love for Your Beloved

    01 January 2014

    Ever heard of Celtic wedding rings? They have always been quite popular among Irish men and women for different reasons. The Irish Celtic wedding ring is quite symbolic of feelings like love, passion as well as longing for the beloved. These wedding rings...

  • Irish Dance Hard shoes and Ghillies: The Popular Choice among Dance Lovers!

    02 January 2014

    As the New Year is approaching, the people are sure to dance in the night away. Dancing is the best way of expressing our inner feelings through our body. It is quite thrilling, exciting and communicative and everyone is looking for an opportunity to...

  • Leading Irish Gift for Women Available Online!

    18 January 2014

    Deciding on a gift for someone can be cumbersome at times. It can be the worst situation when the person you are going to gift is very fussy. An easy way to think about gifts is to consider the person’s favorite activities. Think of something that the...

  • Popular Iconic Irish Celtic Gifts for Bride and Groom in Chicago

    23 November 2013

    Popular Traditional Irish Gifts for the Bride and Groom… Once, I was invited to an Irish wedding near Chicago. As each culture has its own traditions, the Irish also have a lot of the traditions incorporated into a wedding. A wedding gift, which is a...

  • Irish Pub Decoration Ideas for the bar owners in America

    05 October 2013

    In America, it’s very hard to find the great Irish pub and also it’s even harder to design an Irish pub but right décor helps to make a classic Irish pub so, follow this guidance for you pub decoration in America: Basic Decorations: You can start the...

  • All about the Rutherford Irish Dance Shoes

    05 October 2013

    Rutherford Irish dance shoes come for flexibility and range of movement. It provides an excellent balance at a dancing time. Rutherford Irish Dance Shoes become very famous because it is very comfortable, durable, supportive and also available in all...

  • Every month wear a special Irish Claddagh ring and show your loyalty

    27 September 2013

    Celebrate your love, friendship, loyalty with a wide selection of Irish Claddagh Rings. These beautiful Irish Jewelry rings will helps to show your relationship and also it is a perfect gift item. By wearing these Irish Claddagh rings anyone can look...

  • Irish dancing hard shoes a perfect wear for male dancers

    24 September 2013

    Irish dance is very popular in the world by its jewelries, dresses, costumes and most important thing is by their dancing shoes. In U.S. Irish dancing hard shoes are worn by a male dancer at a dancing time. Irish dancing hard shoes are more flexible for...

  • A closer look at the Irish Traditional Dance of Ireland

    31 July 2013

    Music and art has been always closer to our heart. Be it any civilization or any culture, we all love to dance with freedom and joy. When it comes to the Irish dance, the tradition of dance is drawn from rural areas. However, after Celtic revival, Irish...

  • How to choose an ideal pair of Irish dancing shoes

    02 August 2013

    Irish dance is one of the most breath taking dance forms. It leaves its viewers completely shocked – how can they move so fast? In the Irish dance shoes most of the rhythm comes from the dancers’ footwork, which requires special kinds of shoes so it’s...

  • Celtic Irish Jewelry for Your Traditional Look

    25 July 2013

    In the world, every people creates the items to reflect their culture because different culture expresses their perspective and their beliefs by number of ways like jewelry, food, clothes, business etc. In the Irish, people express their culture by Irish...

  • Best way to find the correct size of Irish dance shoes

    24 September 2013

    It’s very difficult to determine the correct shoes size when you go for purchasing the Irish dance shoes because the sizes of Irish dance shoes is as per UK shoes size so it’s become quite difficult to find the correct shoes size for American Irish dancers....

  • Concept of Irish Claddagh Ring in heart shape and its meaning

    15 October 2013

    Irish Claddagh Ring is very special, unique and cute. Because there is a special pattern available that is applied to the Irish Claddagh ring for making a heart shape design. The ring is available in various materials such as metal, gold and silver. For...

  • Celebrate your st. Patrick’s day by giving Irish gifts to your relatives

    10 October 2013

    Are you ready for some fun on St. Paddy’s day? Internationally, the St. Patricks day is very famous as an Irish holiday. It is celebrated on 17th March as one of the largest festival by the Irish public. This day is celebrated on the anniversary of St....

  • Instruction for Irish pub decoration in Chicago

    07 November 2013

    Instruction for Irish pub decoration in Chicago

  • Different Types of basement flooring Ideas to give value to your basement

    14 November 2013

    Different Types of basement flooring Ideas to give value to your basement